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For many companies, analytics outsourcing is just not an alternative. It is a must. In today’s increasingly competitive market, it is fundamental for companies to optimize their expenses and reduce costs, while maintaining a quality of the highest level. Depending on the industry, companies that do not involve in analytics outsourcing activities may run the risk of being taken over by their competitors.

At Logikview Analytics, we are experts in data analytics and data mining. No matter your industry, we are in a position to provide you with solutions and analyses that will boost your business. Whether it is Market Research, Customer Analytics, Credit Risk Management, Sales Analytics, Manufacturing Analytics or much more, we have assembled all the necessary factors to support our clients the in an fast and accurate fashion.

Analytics allow to solve complex business problems by sifting through data and generating useful business insights. Analytics outsourcing has helped numerous multinationals to leverage the power of data in order to produce useful insights and provide assistance in their decision making process. Cost reduction, operational efficiency improvement and access to a highly qualified workforce are all key drivers of the analytics outsourcing process. Benefits the can be derived from analytics outsourcing include the following:

Focus on your main business and on what you do best

Companies that outsource their non-main business but critical data analytics processes benefit from a high quality work being done externally without having to spend time, energy and resources on hiring and training analytics experts. It allows them to focus on their main business while embedding into their own activities the solutions produced by the external analytics experts. Analytics outsourcing allows companies to obtain highly valuable business insight without having to take care of its research.

Have experiments, tests and analyses performed by trained and experienced specialists

Analytics requires solid education and experience in order to be conducted successfully. It is therefore advised to let specialists who were trained for this purpose do the job, working with them as an extended arm of the company’s decision making team.

Cost leverage and arbitrage

Availability of Logikview Analytics’ highly skilled data analysts at a lower cost is a definite advantage for companies. Outsourcing of analytical to Logikview Analytics can help companies saving up to 50% while maintaining high quality results. It also eliminates the necessity for companies to invest in data analytics infrastructure and technologies.

Although analytics outsourcing has proven to be highly profitable, it does not come entirely free of risks. At Logikview Analytics, we have researched these risks and have taken the necessary measures to ensure these will not occur.

Whenever analytics outsourcing is under discussion, data security is always among the first concerns. As data and information exchange between participants is done mostly online, there is potential for third parties to maliciously try to intercept these exchanges. At Logikview Analytics, we dispose of advanced security systems that ensure the safety of all the exchanges with our clients.

Although less threatening but yet not to be ignored, misunderstandings between outsourcing parties may be source of inefficiencies. This is why at Logikview Analytics, we attribute a crucial importance to the first step of any outsourcing mandate, which is the clarification and deep understanding of the client’s business objectives.

Furthermore, companies who wish to outsource their analytics tasks may worry about delays from the mandatee when executing projects. In order to mitigate risk or totally avoid such issues, Logikview Analytics provides its clients with frequent and regular updates regarding the projects’ advancement. We are committed to complete transparency, and remain at our clients’ full disposal, who can contact us at any time.

What else differentiates Logikview Analytics from our competitors as a provider of outsourcing services?

As a destination for analytics outsourcing, India stands as the best choice; very good quantitative education, low prices and passion for hard work – all compelling characteristics embodied by the continent. Logikview Analytics itself is a pioneer in analytics in region. Due to the company’s, experience, geographical location and network, Logikview Analytics enjoys quick and easy access to some of the most skilled analysts and data scientists in the world. Former employees of multinationals, PhDs in Statistics, Mathematics, Management and highly motivated young professionals are all part of the immediate and extended Logikview Analytics’ family. Moreover, Logikview Analytics’ size is just right to ensure optimal communication with our clients. Not too small, allowing us to provide staff availability whenever timely and efficient exchange is required; and not too big, guaranteeing a personal and flexible contact with our customers. Taken together, these factors simply ensure solutions and service levels of unequalled quality.

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