Be a part of the team! We’re looking for the very best candidates to help us solve the complex problems we face each day. We are looking for candidates determined to break the mold while collaborating with a diversely skilled group of individuals.

If you are looking to work at a company where you design, build, and feed the foundation of an entire data ecosystem, then LogikView is for you.

Teams & Open Roles

Software Engineering: Product Engineer - Java Expert

At logikview we are looking for engineers with a passion for building highly performant, scalable systems. We are looking for like-minded souls to help us acquire, parse, and process big data to deliver tangible value to both our internal team and our customers. We need someone with an interest in schema design and storage mechanisms, and the drive to adapt to new sources quickly and intelligently. You will present a unified API to our master configuration datastore that powers numerous cogs of our big data solution, and supports the development of new products and services which rely on this data.

Whether you are an old-pro looking to build on your experience, or a talented newcomer looking to implement your ideas – we’d love to hear from you!

    Representative skills and tools:

  • Scala/Java (required).
  • Hadoop NoSQL systems like Cassandra & MongoDB, SQL databases.
  • Expose the data to other consumers in the system through APIs (e.g. REST)
  • Parsing of structured (JSON, XML) and unstructured (HTML, text) data.
  • Efficient use of standard Social APIs (Open Graph, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Familiarity with open source technologies, job schedulers & thread management.

Software Engineering: Product Engineer - Big Data Expert

logikview is looking for a talented data engineer to be the designer, owner, and maintainer of an ever growing collection of data. As Big Data Expert you will be responsible for pulling in massive amounts of data from a large number of structured and unstructured sources, and feeding and making it sensible in our big data platform to support the development of new products and services around it.

    Desired skills include:
  • Scala/Java (required).
  • Hadoop – HDFS and MapReduce framework
  • Hadoop Ecosystem – pig,hive,hbase,sqoop,flume etc
  • Storm,Spark or other stream processing.
  • Cassandra/MongoDB or other NoSQL, SQL.
  • Standard web/API protocols (HTTP/REST, FTP, SOAP)
  • Parsing of structured (JSON, XML) and unstructured (HTML, text) data.

Software Engineering: Data Analyst

Looking for a data analyst on various data analytics projects aiding strategic decision making; somebody who can collect/organize/prepare/manage data for the analysis and conduct quality checks. As a data analyst you must be able to use and implement basic and advanced statistical techniques like frequencies, cross-tabs, correlation, Regression, Decision Trees, Cluster Analysis, etc. to identify key actionable insights from the data and also to succinctly present them in professionally created dashboards

    Desired skills include:
  • Hands on experience of one or more statistical tools such as Advance Excel with macros, R or SAS
  • Working knowledge or experience in using relational databases Server would be an advantage
  • Experience in visualization tool like Tableau, Qlikview preferred
  • Superior problem solving abilities and strong analytical thinking; Desire to work in a fast paced, challenging environment where you need to push yourself all the time Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Experience :

  • 1-3 years of relevant experience in Data Analytics 

Key Skills

Advanced Excel, SAS, Cluster Analysis, Correlation, R, VBA, Data Analytics, SQL Queries, Macros

Software Engineering: Data Visualization Engineer

We’re on the lookout for front end engineers to help us build products that are on the cutting edge of usability, interaction and design. Ideal candidates should be comfortable taking ownership of their work and effectively searching for innovative solutions to the complex problems we encounter. You will be working in a high-communication environment where collaboration with the Design, Data Science and Back-End Engineering teams is effortlessly realized on a day-to-day basis in order to build world class software products.

    Desired skills include:

  • Strong HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript skills
  • Cool frameworks like Angular.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery etc.
  • Data visualization experience using D3.js, SVG, Canvas, etc.
  • Web app experience with Grails, Bootstrap, Node.js or Socket.io etc
  • Version control experience in Git or a similar system.
  • Love of design or knowledge of design tools is a plus.

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