Quick Start Solutions

Logikview Analytics’ quick start solutions are designed to accelerate your progress, deliver immediate impact and provide a foundation for sustainable success.

Our quick-start, ready-to-use-in-no-time data mining solutions improve your customer insights, marketing effectiveness, operational efficiency and business growth. Combining our expertise with industry-leading statistical and modelling software, we have created solutions that equip you to react swiftly to meet your data analytics needs.

From cleansing and hosting large centralized databases to managing big data, we optimize the value of your data. You can use this intelligence to make business decisions and targeted communications to make your customers feel valued.

We adopt well-established and novel techniques to solve business issues analytically. Our initial objective is always to understand our client’s problems and requirement. This allows us to design an effective work plan to embed our already created solutions.

The typical process for the development of a customized solution for our client’s problems looks as follows:

  1. Define the problem – Together with the customer, we start by making sure that the problems and the objectives of the mandate are absolutely clear.
  2. Data collection – In this second step, the client delivers the data to us, or provides us access to their databases. Our experts run an initial analysis of the data and metadata, in order to define what kind of variables we need to work on.
  3. Design of the solution development plan – Here, we determine the tools that need to be used to produce the solution. This is when we designate (together with the client) the consultant(s) to be staffed on the project (according to their corresponding experience).
  4. Data analysis – At this stage we select the tests, algorithms, perform the analyses, and develop the models that we deem as most fit to solve the business issue and to solve the problems.
  5. Solution delivery – Whatever the type or format of the deliverable required is – whether a report, a presentation, a spreadsheet, a business rule, a database, a code (SQL, XML, and PMML), etc. – we deliver the best solution. When it comes to the delivery of the solution, we are very flexible and will provide it in the form expected.
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