Wallboard is a tool used to display key business metrics in real-time.

4 Reasons Why a Wallboard is a must-have


  • It promotes transparency at all levels of the organization. When employees, management, and executives get a view of the same key metrics, the entire business is able to work and create priorities based around common targets and goals.

Real-time business decisions

  • Wallboards let teams monitor and track key business metrics in real-time. Imagine reacting to a drop in performance or similar urgent issues as soon as they happen, rather than at the end of the month. With real time business decisions, the efficiency of business increases many folds.


Gone are the days where decisions had to be made based on gut feelings. Also, different people interpret situations differently but when teams are exposed to real-time data on a daily basis they all are driven by common data. Wallboards keep teams focused on key business metrics and help to promote data-driven decision making in the entire organization.

Foster teamwork and motivates team

Another great aspect of Wallboards, they foster teamwork in the workplace. Gets everyone in the organization talk about each other’s performance. Promotes healthy competition among teams.

Wallboards to move your business forward

A TV Dashboard  or Wallboard is a tool used to display key business metrics in real-time. Numbers matter in business but numbers displayed in right manner, to the right depth and at right place matter a lot more!

What can TV Dashboards aka Wallboards do for your business?.

  • Put the Key Performance Indices of your team on display on an internal screen or TV
  • Wallboards are updated in real-time which adds life to all number crunching
  • Be it sales or marketing or operation, every department’s KPIs can be put on the Wallboards for the team to consume from
  • Wallboards cater to short term as well as long term goals of your business
  • If thought well, even customers can be fed off the key numbers that can lead to increase in sales

Not just for the teams, but also for the customers

  • Customer Wallboards will be different from the team Wallboards and will display data or analysis which fosters better bonding with customers
  • Credibility: Can help generate faith in customers when they see what has already been achieved by the store or the sales executives
  • Sales Push: Can push sales, for example- by showing the customers last few units left in stock or showing the average take-off or predicting till when the stocks would last

Logikview Wallboards

  • Custom-built Wallboards on your own streaming data
  • Real time Wallboards for real time businesses
  • Interactive Wallboards that allows you to drill down to reach to insights that matter the most
  • Not just wallboards but dashboards for every device running web browsers, custom build apps for iOS (supporting iPhone, iPads and Apple TV) and Android devices (supporting Android phones, Tablets and TVs)

Marketing Wallboards

  • Are a great way of highlighting important data to your team. By customizing your Wallboards, you can focus on the numbers that matter to your organization while simultaneously creating real time daily sales reports that are constantly updating to reflect the new sales or leads that have been made by members of your sales team
  • Marketing Performance Wallboard – Looks at specifics around the sales funnel and measures performance through a defined set of criteria from lead to final sale conversion.
  • Marketing Analytics Wallboard – Focuses on your customer visits, average customer purchase, customer time spent, basket size, etc
  • Social Media Marketing Wallboard – Contains all of the metrics from your key social networks – shares, engagements, followers, likes and views.

Sales Wallboards can come in various forms

  • Sales in all their forms, monthly, daily, hourly, by channel, by store, by product, by product modifier, etc.
  • Sales figures of all sorts dominate the Wallboards: Sales compared to different points in time (day, week, month, year) and sales per category. Customer count, average spend per customer and budgets are also being monitored.
  • Cancellations of various forms
  • Orders in queue
  • Out of stock
  • Feedback from customers
  • Complaints
  • Time to completion of orders – this is connected to an alarm that goes off if a store is falling behind the promised delivery times

CEO Wallboard

  • One frame view of all KPIs which matter
  • Graphs and charts showing the data to the depth that matter- not less not more
  • The dashboard can be drilled down for more specific insights
  • The dashboards can be extended to any device- desktop, tablet or mobile phone

How does Logikview achieve this

Logikview’s solution fetches data from your legacy systems, ERPP, excel and bring them on a common platform

Logikview’s solution will help you prepare the data by cleaning it and enriching it

Using Logikview’s solution, you can plan your analysis, charts, graphs and numbers to be displayed

The charts, graphs, and numbers are pushed to the TV screen and are updated in realtime

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