Logikview Analytics solutions for manufacturing help leading manufacturers in central India to rightly predict the product demand and accordingly plan the production cycle.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted industries across the globe. Without any notice, businesses are thrown in deep waters due to the unforeseen changes that are currently sweeping our lives.

In the list of industries, manufacturing stands severely impacted. Industrial manufacturers especially are feeling the heat as they depend on onsite workers who cannot work from home. However, they can utilize this opportunity to relook on stalled projects, fix supply chain and IT issues, and rework on their strategy and product offerings. Hence, it is important for enterprises to take decisive action against multiple business challenges arising out of the COVID-19 outbreak, while prioritizing human safety.

At Logikview Analytics, we create simple, smart, and scalable next-generation supply chain solutions. More than 200 leading manufacturing and hi-tech companies trust Logikview for reshaping their strategies and converting possibilities to reality.

Through our solutions, manufacturers can build a critical competitive advantage faster than their competitors. Logikview will help meet and solve challenges that manufacturers face in supply chain, including detailed manufacturing data, and enables them to use those data to impact operational metrics.

Common applications in this industry include the following: